APW: DIY Interview – John Lavan

Name: John Lavan

Email Address:

What is your blog URL?

What is your website URL? http://beautifulwordpoems.blogspot.co.uk/

Where were you born? Yorkshire, UK

What was your course of study in school?
I became a scientist – ‘timetables’ at that time couldn’t accommodate English & Science so my future became binary.

When and how did you discover you wanted to be a writer/author?
At age 52 – when I re-married. Love re-emerged!

Are you a published author? Yes

Please list your published material, with dates?
‘FAMILIAL: Selected Poems’ – published by Apostophe Books: http://apostrophebooks.com/books/poetry/familial/ – August 2012

If these materials are books, are they still available, and from where?
Yes, they’re available at: Amazon, Nook, Kobo and 130+ other retailers worldwide: http://apostrophebooks.com/books/poetry/familial/

Please tell about your first publication – what was it, when, how you felt when it happened, problems you may have had, etc.
It’s amazing after seven years of work to see a collection of poems that can generate such feeling! They’ll  have a lump in your throat within ten minutes.

Please tell about the most memorable moment in your career.
When I realized that I could write an intense poem catching my love for a son who has Down’s Syndrome!

Have you won any awards?
I’ve won prizes in several of poetry competitions.

Who are the authors who most influenced your writing career?
Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson

Who are the authors you read most often? 
Modern Poets. I love Philip Levine & Simon Armitage!

Have you mentored an aspiring writer?  Would you mentor, if the opportunity arose?
I would gladly mentor

What would you tell an aspiring writer who asks you for assistance?
Write a lot about what is happening right now! The present moment is nascent.

What advice would you give to all up-and-coming writers?
Study great poetry.  Study their techniques.

Please tell about your other community activities.
I run personal development groups with a ‘spiritual’ twist.

Do you have any project(s) planned for the future? Yes

Please provide some details of the project(s).
I would like to write an epic poem, such as the one I have one half-written.


I’d like to thank John for his interview about his poetry collection.

You can submit your own interview by clicking on the DIY Interviews Submission Page and following the instructions.  It’s totally FREE and you don’t need to answer all the questions – only the ones you want to have us use in your interview.

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