APW: DIY Interview – Dayna Leigh Cheser

Name: Julie Jordan

Email Address:

What is your pen name?
Dayna Leigh Cheser

What is your blog URL?

What is your website URL?
Coming Soon!!!  http://www.DaynaLCheser.com

What is the contact information you are willing to share?

  • Twitter:  @Writers_Cafe
  • Facebook:  Author Dayna Leigh Cheser
  • LinkedIn:  Julie Jordan

Where and/or when were you born?
Waterbury, CT –  a long time ago

What schools did you attend?  

  • Watertown (CT) Public Schools, Graduated 1966
  • Attended:  Western Connecticut State College

When and how did you discover you wanted to be a writer/author?
I can’t remember not wanting to write.  I learned to read before I started school and the idea of writing wasn’t far behind.

Are you a published author? Yes

Please list your published material, with dates?

  • ‘Janelle’s Time’ – 2012, adult historical romance novel (Book 1 of The TIME Series)
  • ‘The Legend of Corkscrew Swamp’ – 2012  (A short story [mystery] in ‘EFD1: The Starship Goodwords Anthology’)
  • ‘Walk-A-Thons: How Amateur Radio Can Help’ – Article for ‘World Radio News,’ January 1978 (under real name)

If these materials are books, are they still available, and from where?

  • ‘Janelle’s Time’ is available at Amazon (Book and Kindle e-book) and Barnes & Noble (Nook e-book) More locations soon
  • ‘The Legend of Corkscrew Swamp’ will be available soon in ‘EFD1: The Starship Goodwords Anthology’ at Amazon (Kindle e-book only, for now)
  • World Radio News article (copy) available upon request

Please tell about your first publication – what was it, when, how you felt when it happened, problems you may have had, etc.

  • ‘Walk-A-Thons: How Amateur Radio Can Help’ was a request from World Radio News for anyone in the radio club to write, so it wasn’t an ‘official’ freelance job.
  • ‘Janelle’s Time’ was my first novel.  The process was a 10-year long roller coaster ride – very stressful.

Please tell about the most memorable moments in your career.
The most memorable moment was getting the email offering me a publishing contract for ‘Janelle’s Time.’  I was rendered speechless, as my husband will tell you.

The second most memorable moment was when World Radio News published my article word-for-word.

What genre do you most often write? Romance

Which authors most influenced your writing career?
Bertrice Small, Lynn Kurland, (early) Karen Marie Moning, Jean Auel, Diana Gabaldon, and others.  Special mention to Stephen King for his book ‘On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft.’

Who are the authors your read most often?
Bertrice Small, Lynn Kurland, Karen Marie Moning, Diana Gabaldon, Jean Auel, and others.

What would you tell an aspiring writer who asks you for assistance?
Work on your WIP every day, even if it’s just a page or two.
Never stop learning.  Take courses, attend conferences, follow people on Twitter who post great articles (bookmark and/or print them). Your brain will thank you!

What advice would you give to all up-and-coming writers?
Never give up.  When one door closes, another opens that may be better.
Write every day, practice your craft. Learn about the industry – all of it!

What is the name of your current project?
‘Moria’s Time’ – book 2 of my TIME series

What is the expected release date?
I’m targeting an early 2013 release

What is the genre? Romance

Please provide details of your upcoming blog tour, book tour, and/or book-signing.
Virtual Book Tour by ‘Coffee Beans and Love Scenes’ – 8/20 to 9/14
Also, several ‘appearances’ on other websites, as well – and always on the prowl for other opportunities.

Is this work a stand-alone or part of a series? Series

Do you have any projects planned for the future? Yes

Please provide some details of the projects.

  • ‘Janelle’s Time’ is book 1 (released, July 2012)
  • ‘Moria’s Time’ is book 2 (current WIP)
  • ‘Adelle’s Time’ is book 3 (2012 NaNoWriMo project)
  • ‘Logan’s Time’ is book 4 (alternate WIP)
  • ‘Clarissa’s Time is book 5 (Planned)

What is the anticipated release date?
I’m targeting: Books 2 & 3 – 2013, and books 4 & 5 – 2014 releases

What conferences/courses/webinars/workshops/seminars do you plan to attend in the next 12 months?
I haven’t chosen one yet, but would like to attend the RWA conference.


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Order Your Copy of Janelle’s Time:
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PS: Please take a few minutes to read the  Wedding Chapter – Final  from my adult historical romance ‘Janelle’s Time.’  You’ll meet Richard and Janelle Grayson, the newlyweds, AND, meet Duke Logan Conor, from Muileach Castle, Scotland (he crashes the wedding) from ‘Logan’s Time,’ Book 4.   He’s also in ‘Moria’s Time,’ Book 2.

The TIME Series – by Dayna Leigh Cheser
Janelle’s Time – Available Now at Amazon and B&N
Moria’s Time – WIP – NaNoWriMo, 2011 Winner
Adelle’s Time – Planned for 2013
Logan’s Time – WIP, planned for 2013
Clarissa’s Time – Planned for 2014

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