APW: DIY Interview – J. Kristen

Name: J Kristen

Email Address: jaanvanv@yahoo.com

What is your pen name? J Kristen

What is your blog URL? www.rideitlikealady.com

What is your website URL? www.rideitlikealady.com

Where and/or when were you born?
New Jersey, USA – 1970

What was your course of study in school?
Economics and Journalism

When and how did you discover you wanted to be a writer/author?
I’ve always been a writer, and nonfiction has almost always been my preference. I was a journalist for many years (under a different name.)

Are you a published author? Yes

Please list your published material?
“Ride It Like A Lady: Letters to Emi,” available now on Amazon.

If these materials are books, are they available, and from where?
Amazon – as print or e-book –  http://www.amazon.com/Ride-It-Like-A-Lady/dp/1470011379/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1342257890&sr=8-1&keywords=ride+it+like+a+lady

Please tell about your first publication – what was it, when, how you felt when it happened, problems you may have had, etc.
This is my first book, and it has been a wonderful experience. The process actually helped me to resolve several issues I was facing. Perhaps tellingly, each letter or postcard can stand on its own, if need be, and I designed it that way, as I’m used to writing shorter pieces.

Please tell about the most memorable moment in your career.
Writing this book felt so huge, at times. But I focused only on Emi, who is my audience and it was incredible seeing it come together.

What problems have you encountered in your career and how did you deal with them?
I’m eager to gain recognition for this book, and so I’m just beginning to get out and promote myself.

What genre do you most often write?

What other genres have you written?
Memoir, Business

Who are the authors who most influenced your writing career?
Journalists … Always journalists.

What would you tell an aspiring writer who asks you for assistance?
I read / edit colleague’s work regularly, as a friend and in the workplace.

What advice would you give to all up-and-coming writers?
Write it first.  Then edit.  Don’t try to edit while you write.

What is the name of your current project?
“Ride It Like A Lady: Letters to Emi”

What is the expected release date?
November 2012

What is the genre?
Nonfiction, Memoir, Female Empowerment

Please provide details of your upcoming blog tour, book tour, and/or book-signing.
It’s in the works!

Is this work a stand-alone or part of a series?

Please provide some details of the project.
Entertaining strangers and riding motorcycles, fast boys and finding religion. These are among the topics shared by a vagabond aunt with a niece she fears she may never have a chance to influence except through a series of letters.

Enclosed are those twelve sometimes darkly funny, always personal notes addressed to the author’s newly born niece, Emi. In them, she outlines the trials she foresees her facing and offers advice for making sense of the often patriarchal, always demanding societies in which they arise.

Through the correspondence we also meet the author, a woman who has worked and played around the world, yet, growing up, was more comfortable with food fights than with the spoken word.  Interspersed among the letters are snapshots of her observations from abroad.

In the background are the familial matriarchs fighting to define themselves, and one in particular who cries out to the next generation that she is not alone. Eventually, the author comes to realize there are issues she herself must still face and that her niece plays a role in that.

What is the anticipated release date?
November 2012, though copies are available now.


I’d like to thank J. Kristen for her great interview.  You can do your own interview by clicking on the DIY Interview Submission Form page and following the instructions.  It’s easy, painless and FREE.  You can provide as little or as much information as you wish, including adding your own questions and answers at the end.  Thanks!

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