APW: DIY Interview – Anthony (A.G.) Hayes

Name: Anthony (A.G.) Hayes

Email Address: aghayes@comcast.net

What is your pen name?
A.G. Hayes

What is your contact information?

Where and/or when were you born?
England 1927

What schools did you attend?  What was your course of study?
UCLA,  Television writing/screen plays

When and how did you discover you wanted to be a writer/author?
While serving in the British Army, 1944-1947

Are you a published author? Yes

Please list your published material, with dates?
‘Who’s Killing All The Lawyers,’ June 2011,
Savant Books and Publishing, Honolulu.

If these materials are books, are they still available, and from where?
Savant Books and Publishing, Amazon, Google, Barnes & Noble, and other leading bookstores.

Please tell about your publications.
I published my first book when I was 84. I have written eight books. The first four are political thrillers. The second four are thrillers.

Please tell about the most memorable moment in your career.
When I switched to a computer.

What problems have you encountered in your career and how did you deal with them?
Collecting reject slips until I was 84. I kept writing every day.

Did an established writer mentor you in your early days?
If yes, how did the mentor help you?

Collier Young and his wife, Joan Fontaine, were a great help in my early days.  Also, Bob Sweeney, a producer/director at CBS Television, who purchased my first TV story.

What genre do you most often write?
International intrigues / Political thrillers

What other genres have you written?

Who are the authors who most influenced your writing career?
Eric Ambler. I was fortunate to spend an evening with him at his home in Bel Air California.

Who are the authors your read most often?
Micheal Connelly

Have you mentored an aspiring writer?  Would you mentor, if the opportunity arose?
I have mentored

What would you tell an aspiring writer who asks you for help?
What advice would you give to all up-and-coming writers?
Write at least one page a day seven days a week.

Are you involved in the ‘writing scene’ in your community/area?
I am active

Please tell about your community activities.
Reading, attending cancer support groups.

What is the name of your current project?
‘The Judas List.’

What is the expected release date?
Fall of 2012

What is the genre?
Political Thriller

Do you have any project planned for the future? Yes

Please provide details of the project.
‘The Chemical Factor,’ a thriller set in modern-day Vienna

What is the anticipated release date? 2013


My thanks to A.G. for this great interview – he’s proof it’s never is too late to start a writing career.  You can do your own interview, too.  Just see the details in the left column, answer the relevant questions (don’t forget to send some pictures) and click submit.  It’s that simple.

Happy Writing,


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