APW: Excerpt #2 – Janelle’s Time

Hello again and welcome to another excerpt from ‘Janelle’s Time.’  It seems like it’s been forever, I know, but we’re coming down the homestretch now.

This excerpt is from the day after Richard and Janelle’s wedding.  They are getting ready to make their appearance at breakfast where the wedding guests who stayed the night are waiting to greet the couple.  Richard leaves the room to dress, while Maura helps Janelle get ready.  Richard returns …

The door opened and Richard entered. Janelle stared at him, forgetting to breathe. He was dressed in royal blue, except for his black boots, and a white shirt with a cravat at his throat, and white lace cuffs at his wrists. The waistcoat fit snugly on his lean body. She blushed at her thoughts.

He smiled, reading her face. Innocently, he asked, “Is something amiss, my lady?”

Her breath exploded from her chest. “N-n-n-o!” She forced herself to look away.

“Then, pray tell, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Um, nothing … nothing at all. I’ve, uh, I-I’ve never seen you in blue before. I don’t recall ever seeing you in anything but black. Blue suits you.”

Richard bowed deeply. “I’m glad you approve, my dear.”

Janelle looked at the bed where Maura had laid out her garments for the day: a long, blue plaid skirt of lightweight wool that matched Richard’s outfit perfectly. The white blouse was long-sleeved and sported lace at the high collar and wrists. A blue bertha with long black ribbons completed the outfit. There was no doubt they would turn heads when they made their entrance.

They did, indeed, turn heads when they appeared in the hall for breakfast.  Further, the knowledge of … shall we say … their ‘interesting’ night, preceded them.  As Maura put it, the story was ‘like something from a very naughty book.’

Then, the focus shifted.  Where are Logan and Rachel?

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PS: Please take a few minutes to read the  Wedding Chapter – Final  from my soon-to-be-published book (2012) ‘Janelle’s Time.’  You’ll meet Richard and Janelle Grayson, the newlyweds, AND, meet Duke Logan Conor (he crashes the wedding) from my upcoming book, ‘Logan’s Time.’

The TIME Series – by Dayna Leigh Cheser
Janelle’s Time – Release: 2012
Moria’s Time – WIP – NaNoWriMo Project, 2011 Winner
Adelle’s Time – Planned
Logan’s Time – WIP
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