APW: Excerpt #1 – Janelle’s Time

Sunday, April 22, 2012 – At 1:45 PM on this date, I clicked ‘SEND’ and sent off the final-final edits and formatting to the publisher.  It’s almost time, my friends.  ‘Janelle’s Time’ is close to the end of a very long journey, over 10 years, that started with a blank screen and will end as a published book.

But, the publishing is really only the beginning.  Okay, I’m a little slow in starting this new career, but I’ve hit the ground running.  ‘Janelle’s Time’ is only the beginning – it’s the first book in a five-book series.  Next up … ‘Moria’s Time.’

I was very young when I knew I wanted to be a published author.  Life got in the way, but the dream never died.  Don’t ever give up!

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In Chapter Five, Richard and Janelle are accidental time travelers who visit Richard’s English home over five-hundred years in the past.

Ultimately, a secret room, thought to contain great wealth, reveals something quite different.

Anthony and Sinjin are Richard’s brothers.  Also in the room are Damian and Susannah, Richard’s parents, and another brother, Edward.

“What about the skeletons,” Anthony asked. The mood in the room turned somber.

Sinjin closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The grisly discovery had upset him greatly. “The remains were carefully taken from the room and buried in a large common grave in our burial park on the other side of the river. There is, of course, no way of knowing who they were, when they died, or why.”

Janelle sighed. “We know the answers to all of those questions.”

All eyes turned to Janelle who looked at Sinjin, waiting. No one spoke. Sinjin had thought the matter closed, and was glad of it, but now there was more information. Did he—or anyone—really want to know?

Finally, Sinjin knew it was up to him. “Continue, Miss Janelle.”

When she finished the story, Sinjin summarized, “You’re telling us the bones we buried were the original Grayson family—the ones descended from Henry Grayson—and others who lived in the keep in the thirteen thirties …,” his head slumped as he took a long, audible breath, stroking his chin in thought, after which he lifted his eyes to Janelle, “… and that a band of Gypsies just walked in, took over, and herded the entire population of the castle into that room to die.”

Janelle held his gaze, and dipped her chin in affirmation.

Sinjin continued. “You and Richard were there … and heard the Gypsy interloper say … that he and his people forced our ancestors and others into that room and sealed the doors. And you were there because you can … time travel.”

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Come back on Thursday and meet author Vitra Singh.
Her book, ‘Living Life For Yourself, Not Your Job,’
just released on April 17, is a non-fiction self-help tome on finding
your passion.  Here’s what she says, “My hope is that readers are
able to relate to the people interviewed
in my book. If they can
recognize that whether people take a small action, or a drastic
action –
well, at least they are taking action for the better.
To remain complacent is also an action –
it’s saying that
they’re okay with the status quo.  We know this isn’t the case.”

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PS: Please take a few minutes to read the  Wedding Chapter – Final  from ‘Janelle’s Time.’  You’ll meet Richard and Janelle Grayson, the newlyweds, AND, meet Duke Logan Conor (he crashes the wedding) from my upcoming book, ‘Logan’s Time.’

The TIME Series – by Dayna Leigh Cheser
Janelle’s Time – Release: 2012
Moria’s Time – WIP – NaNoWriMo 2011 Winner
Adelle’s Time – Planned
Logan’s Time – WIP
Clarissa’s Time – Planned

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