APW: DIY Interview – Cammy Hunnicutt

Name: Cammy May Hunnicutt

Email Address: cammymayhunny@gmail.com

What is your blog URL? http://cammymay.com

What is your website URL? http://cammymay.com

What other contact information would you like to share?

Where and/or when were you born?
Jax.  Jackson, Mississippi  1983

What schools did you attend?
What was your course of study?

I went to schools all over the South, dragged around by my daddy: a wonderful man, but terrible at being a Baptist preacher.  I attended two colleges on athletic scholarships.  That WAS my course of study.

When and how did you discover you wanted to be a writer/author?
I’d been fooling around in the screenplay scene in LA, doing better at reading scripts for a producer than writing my own.
But it really happened when I wandered off the beach into a condo in Cancun, drunk, topless, and looking for trouble.
What I found was the dregs of a writer’s conference or retreat that had turned into a drunken party that just wouldn’t end.  I was the only girl there.  These guys were TV writers, mostly.  During the next few blurred days I got to be one of the gang and they started working on a web serial that ended up published as “Mayan Calendar Girls”.  I was sort of their babe consultant, but did some re-writing, too.  Seven guys writing a book about beautiful girls and no clue on the subject.
By the time it was all over, I’d started a serial of my own (with a LOT of help) and made contacts that would lead to my getting published.

Are you a published author? Yes

Please list your published material, with dates?
Whatever is on my Amazon author page.
My first solo book is a sort of ploy, another “written over a table covered with bottles and ashtrays” thing.   It’s called “Considerations Prior To Shooting Your Boyfriend Right In The Nuts”, and if I do say so, it’s a LOT of fun.

If these materials are books, are they still available, and from where?
Kindle, Smashwords,  http://adorobooks.com/bookstore
Also, I am working on three web serials.  One, with that same team, is stalled for now, but you can read “Tree Tops” (a charmer with fuzzy ET and a darling little girl) and my new “Dirty Undies” (memoir of beauty pageants, bikini/lingerie modeling, “escorting”, and such)  on my website at http://cammymay.com
Please tell about your first publication – what was it, when, how you felt when it happened, problems you may have had, etc.

Did an established writer mentor you in your early days?  If yes, how did the mentor help you?
Absolutely.  I wouldn’t be doing any of this if it wasn’t for the “Mayan Calendar Girls” team.  Jr. Crowe, Gray Moran, and especially Lin Robinson really got me into it, despite my making it hell for them. (I’m not a total bitch, but not too far off) I needed to get a new line of work that could pay as much as being a hot body, and they gave me hope in this direction.

What genre do you most often write?
Bitch Lit

What other genres have you written?
Memoir, SciFi, archeology porn.

Who are the authors who most influenced your writing and career?
Just the guys I mentioned above, really.  Other than that, I read a very wide range of books, including French novels and poems, having studied French in college because I thought it was cool.

Who are the authors your read most often?
I tend to run in streaks and pick up what’s at hand.  Lately I’m mostly reading free books on Kindle and books to review because somebody reviewed mine.  Oddly, I find that as enjoyable as going to the library and getting “great authors”.

Please list the conferences/courses/webinars/workshops/seminars you have attended during the past year?
I’ve attended three writers’ conferences, two in California, one in New York City.  In all three cases I was there as “arm candy” for a writer trying to attract and impress agents and publishers. It worked.

What would you tell an aspiring writer who asks you for assistance?
Frankly, I can’t think of anything I could tell or advise a writer to do.  I’ve kind of bungled into being a newbie writer.
I guess the main thing I would say is not to go to writing schools or seminars, but to write a lot and find people you can trust to steer you right.

If you teach, what course(s) do you teach?
I have done some really rotten things in my life, including criminal acts, spoiled selfishness, brutality, theft, and whoring.
But there’s no way I would stoop to charging people money by pretending I could teach them how to write.

Please tell about your social activities.
I am on social media.   I’m sure everybody knows how that works.  When I’m around Hollywood (which means Burbank) I hang out with screen and TV writers.

What is the name of your current projects?
“Dirty Undies”  and “Tree Tops”

What is the expected release date?
As my publisher put it, as soon as I “get my overpriced ass in gear.”

What is the genre?
“Undies” is a memoir.  “Tree Tops” is kind of “Watership Down” meets “E.T” in “Meercat Manor”

Please provide details of your upcoming blog tour, book tour, and/or book-signing.
I have never been able to figure out what a “blog tour” is and I absolutely don’t make public appearances.  I get too much exposure as it is.

Is this work a stand-alone or part of a series?

Do you have any project(s) planned for the future? Yes

Please provide some details of the projects.
“Tree Tops” is definitely first of a series of three.  It’s actually getting more attention as a possible film  than a novel.
I want to start on a crime series, featuring a very kick-ass investigator with an attitude I think will stand out even in the clutter of such titles and lead characters.

What is the anticipated release date?
See above, re:  “ass in gear”

Please provide and information  you would like to share that is not covered above.
I got a boost by having a humor piece included in an anthology.  If your work lends itself to it, I think being in a published collection really helps your brand and credibility at first.

Thanks to Cammy for submitting her interesting interview. 
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