APW: Meet the Less Visible Characters

As you may know, my book, ‘Janelle’s Time’
(written under the name Dayna Leigh Cheser)
will be released soon. I thought you’d like
to know a little something about some of the
characters. In this final post of this series,
please meet the less visible characters.

An interesting phenomenon happened when I started this post.  I put a very different title on it and then got sidetracked (that never happens, right?) and didn’t get back to it until the next day.

Somewhere in between I realized my original title, “Meet the lesser and unnamed characters” was definitely not right.  There are no lesser or unnamed characters in a book.  The reader may not see or hear from or about them, but it doesn’t make them any less important – or less important to the story.

For example: there were lots of guests at Richard and Janelle’s wedding, most of them unidentified in any way, but to Richard or Janelle or maybe both, they were not ‘lesser’ or ‘nameless.’  They simply were not part of the story beyond being at the wedding.

That said, let’s meet some of the less visible characters in “Janelle’s Time.”

  • Dr. McDermott – family physician and friend of the LeDuc family
  • Sampson – semi-retired jack-of-all-trades, hangs out mostly in the barn, but also hangs around with Maura, helping out in the house, too.  Sometimes serves as a chaperone.
  • Reverend Hopkins – tended to Gerard’s final wishes and later, officiated at R&J’s wedding
  • Lord Damian & Lady Alys – owners of Devonwood in the 1300s.
  • Angus Gordon – Maura’s husband and LeDuc Farm manager
  • Lady Adelle Grayson – Richard’s grandmother (Damian’s mother)
  • Logan Conor, Duke of Muileach (Scotland) – friend of Richard’s, crashes the wedding, and a main character in Logan’s Time, Book 4 of my TIME Series
  • Rachel Turnbull – Janelle’s friend, and wedding guest
  • Nicholas Albright, Lord Statler – Richard’s childhood friend, attended the reception for R&J at Devonwood
  • Roger McLoughlin – along with 8 grooms, accompanied the Devonwood horses to the LeDuc Farm and Englica
  • Characters in the 1300s, first trip – boys with fish ♦ guard on the castle wall ♦ young groom who took R&J’s horses ♦ Lord Damian & Lady Alys, their children and the ‘rest of the household’ ♦ ancestors and others mentioned by Lord Damian
  • Characters in the 1300s, second trip – extended Gypsy family ♦ guard on the castle wall ♦ Lord Playmen & Lady Tsura, their children and the ‘rest of the household’
  • Characters at Devonwood – men-at-arms ♦ other family members who attended R&J’s wedding ♦ Devonwood staff  (including maids, footmen, guards, and grooms) ♦ neighbors who attended the reception for R&J ♦ Bates (a gentleman’s valet) ♦ acquaintances Nick and Richard had in common years ago (including Nick’s parents, his wife and her siblings) ♦ the Constable (investigating the attempted kidnapping and murder) ♦ Philomena Gregory (once under consideration as a wife for Richard) ♦ the residents of Devonwood who came out to see their Lord and the young couple
  • Characters in England (other than Devonwood) – King William IV ♦ various innkeepers and their staff along the route from Devonwood to London ♦ the doctor near one of the inns
  • Characters from Scotland and France – Daniel Conor (Logan’s brother) ♦ Minuet (Logan’s lady-friend  in Paris) ♦ guard on the castle wall ♦ other guards ♦ Francois Pierre de Gauld (acquaintance in Paris)
  • Characters in New Hampshire – The entire next generation of children in both the LeDuc and Grayson families (eventually, over thirty children among Richard, Janelle and their siblings) ♦ people who attended various gatherings with the LeDuc and/or Grayson family members ♦ Caitlin (Angus Gordon’s cousin, on staff at Englica) ♦ historical figures mentioned by Janelle to Richard ♦ Pearl Hopkins (the minister’s wife, played the piano at R&J’s wedding) ♦ barn and grounds staff (including Carl, Ellis, and Ricky) ♦ household staff (including Eleanor and Dorothy) ♦ guests at R&J’s wedding ♦ Dora and Edith (wet nurses hired to help care for the babies) ♦ Grayson and LeDuc family lawyers ♦ innkeepers and staff in Portsmouth and North Conway ♦ Dr. Parker (took over for Dr. McDermott when he left town to join a practice in Concord) ♦ Joshua Morgan (hired to replace Angus Gordon when he retired) ♦ Rhona Gill (hired to replace Maura Gordon when she retired)
  • … and any other characters I may have missed.  All these people, along with the other characters from earlier in this blog series, made “Janelle’s Time” what it is.  I hope the back stories and other explanations and information I’ve presented in this series is helpful to you when you read “Janelle’s Time.”

Happy Writing,


PS: Please take a few minutes to read the Wedding Chapter Edit1 from my soon-to-be-published book (2012) ‘Janelle’s Time.’ You’ll meet Richard and Janelle Grayson, the newlyweds, AND, meet Duke Logan Conor (he crashes the wedding) from my upcoming book, ‘Logan’s Time.’

The TIME Series – by Dayna Leigh Cheser
Janelle’s Time – Release: March 2012
Moria’s Time – WIP – NaNoWriMo Project, 2011 Winner
Adelle’s Time – Planned
Logan’s Time – WIP

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  1. Looking good here. I can see you have been hard at work on the sequel. I’m learning to be just as diligent as you are. Meeting secondary characters are just as important as the main characters. I’m so glad you have put time into introducing us to your characters and have put so much time and effort into making sure all of their stories get told.

    • Hi Nevea!
      Thanks for the comment. It’s nice to know when someone likes what you’re doing.
      This is still book 1 (Janelle’s Time) I’m working on. This info will largely apply in the 2 sequels, and to a lesser extent in the spinoff – all of which are WIPs right now. Two are half-way through the first draft. The third is still in my head.
      You’re right about the ‘other characters.’ Books are not a ‘one man (or woman) show. The characters need other people around them, and not all can be ‘main’ characters – but they’re no less important.
      I’m having a blast trying to think of things that I haven’t seen other authors do! LOL This series became a 12-page document of about 5500 words that I can use as a handout (promo).
      Have a great day!

  2. Julie, I have loved reading about all of the characters in “Janelle’s Time” and hearing their “stories.” Thanks for this blog series.



    • Hi Ardee-ann!
      You finally got over here! I wondered when you would.
      And, I’m glad you like the ‘stories.’
      I’ve actually got a couple of family charts – one for the LeDuc family and one for the Grayson family.
      With the Wedding Chapter, the multi-post Interview with Richard and Janelle from last year, and now this series of ‘stories’, I’ve got quite a PR package to hand out.
      All I need is the cover art – which I haven’t seen yet.
      Talk to you soon,


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